wine dev packages (was: Can't run DirectX games on x86_64 Linux)

Detlef Riekenberg at
Sun Mar 12 08:57:54 CST 2006

Jason Green wrote:
> Correct, wine will compile and run without a lot of features and never
> warn you that they don't exist.  See this wiki page for an example of
> what your include/config.h file should probably look like:
> I just added the Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu Dapper sections yesterday,
> and I believe that they are at least 95% accurate, although I might
> have missed one somewhere.  If someone can add the package names
> required for a gentoo build (or possibly create and maintain wine-cvs
> packages with all of the necessary deps???), it would probably help
> out many users trying to compile from source.
IMHO, wine-cvs with all packages is not a good idea.
I'm testing xubuntu and i do not want to install kde/gnome.
Using multiple packages (wine-kde-cvs / wine-gnome-cvs / ...) are hard
to maintain.
And what about the different audio-driver?
Even more difficult is the OpenGL-Part (mesa / nvidia / ati)

I split the List in the Wiki to make clear, for which dlls which
packages are needed.
The split is not complete yet, and IMHO the List is also wrong
(examples: libusb-dev, libqt3-mt-dev)

Feel free to update Fedora similar.

By by ... Detlef

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