May be a bad idea to have Winetools in the next SUSE release

Jan Z. jan at
Mon Mar 13 07:33:47 CST 2006

Thank you, Andreas Jaeger for the clarification regarding the
inclusion of Winetools in SUSE.

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 02:27:23PM +0100, Joachim von Thadden wrote:
> Am Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 01:41:06PM +0100 schrieb Jan Zerebecki:
> > Winetools is only sporadically updated for new versions of Wine
> > (as indicates; this
> > site also contains some warnings regarding the support status).
> WineTools is not "sporadically" updated as it makes no sense to update
> it  with every new Wine release. The purpose is not to keep track Wine,
> the purpose is to have a stable basis. As such WineTools often stays
> with a specific Wine version for a time. This is the same what
> Crossover-Office does. So you would also not include that if you were
> allowed to?

Sorry, I wasn't aware of that.

Perhaps then the best for Winetools users and Wine developers is
to enable Winetools to be distributed with it's own version of
Wine (as cx-office and cedega do it) and (as someone else already
suggested) to save it's data and fake Windows under .winetools .
That would also prevent problems when a distribution contains a
version of Wine that is not supposed to be used with the
contained version of Winetools. For example afaik the SUSE
factory tree contains Wine 0.9.5 and Winetools 0.9jo but your
website suggests Wine 0.9.{1,2,3} for that Winetools version.

What do you think about this?

> > Winetools radically alters some vital Wine settings and thus
> > makes many other apps fail.
> This first part is true, the second definitely not. WineTools is at the
> moment the only way to have all major commercial windows programs run
> simultaneously with Wine under Linux if you do not want to pay for
> Crossover-Office.

I think you forgot that one can manually configure wine to
support that, even if it is a bit of work.

> If what you say is true then name the apps that fail with WineTools and
> run with *plain* Wine. I am waiting for your list. And I will include
> them in the next release (if I can download them legaly).

>From various users i got the impression the most problems where
with Steam and apps that don't work with Windows version set to
win98. But all this may be the fault of those users and i never
tried winetools my self... So better ask your users if you want
to make winetools better.


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