need advise with new open-source project

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at
Mon Mar 13 13:50:30 CST 2006


I'm currently trying to start a new open-source project that will do
the same as WINE did with the windows API, but for a Sony framework,
named OPEN-R.
This framework allows users to write programs for Sony's robots
(namely the dog AIBO). But Sony has discontinued the robotics division
and they won't provide support for the framework.
I already have the initial code running. I can already compile the
code for a non-MIPS platform (their robots are MIPS based) and also
load the code and run it. Of course there are still many function

My question is about legal things. Is it considered
reverse-engineering to re-implement the Sony's framework (the API is
somewhat documented)? Did you have some law problems with Microsoft?
One more thing: How do you do with the headers? do you use original
Microsoft's headers or did you rewrite them? I'm currently using
Sony's headers, which can't be redistributed. So I also have a problem
here. How can I rewrite the headers, so that they aren't considered a

I would love if you could answer my questions, so that I can make the
project public as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

P.S.: btw, nice work with valgrind ;) I think I'll start to test my
windows apps for memleaks in linux.

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