need advise with new open-source project

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at
Tue Mar 14 12:49:33 CST 2006

First let me thank you for your fast answer.

On 3/14/06, Jim White <jim at> wrote:
> Please note:
> Nuno Lopes wrote:
> > I'm currently trying to start a new open-source project that will do
> > the same as WINE did with the windows API, but for a Sony framework,
> > named OPEN-R.
> > ...
> > I would love if you could answer my questions, so that I can make the
> > project public as soon as possible.
> Your questions are quite involved and many do not have clear cut
> answers.  And while there are some similarities between your project's
> issues and WINE's, there are some key legal differences, including
> particularly legal decisions regarding Microsoft's monopoly.
> Another similar situation existed with LEGO Mindstorms.  While initial
> community developments were technically in violation of some terms of
> the EULA (which may or may not be enforceable in some jurisdictions) the
> key was LEGO's reaction.  Rather than pursuing legal action against the
> community developers, they decided instead to embrace them and provide
> tacit and subsequently explicit support.

I (and many others) have already contacted Sony, but they don't even
answer our e-mails, so I don't have much hope to hear from them. Also
I'm not planing to run this software on the robots themselves, as I
would need to reverse-engeneering the hardwares BUS, which are
proprietary. So, even if they make the code public, some (probably
many) changes need to be done, so that it can run on a normal pc.

> If Sony were to pursue legal action against you, whether your activities
> are legal or not is only secondary as the cost of defense is bound to be
> prohibitive.  Perhaps you can use LEGO's example to help persuade Sony
> to release the software (with no support of course) using a suitable
> open source license (ideally GPL of course).

For now, I think I'll open a project at sourceforge to let them see
that the code already runs without any problems.

> In addition to looking to the LEGO community for ideas, you might find
> some help at OSI and EFF.

I've already contacted OSI, but not EFF. I'll also contact them.

> Good luck!

Thanks :)


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