Dogfood status

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Mar 15 00:13:46 CST 2006

Louis wrote:
>As a frequent wine-user my favourite commands are
>"rm -rf ~/.wine" and "wineserver -k"

Me, too.  Hard to control that urge while dogfooding, it's it?

>And that's where i ran into trouble... First
>problem solved by consequently using
> WINEPREFIX="/c" wine "c:\Program Files/Winamp/winamp.exe". >Second problem was a bit more thinking.
>I compiled an extra wine package in /tmp/wine and run by
>WINEPREFIX="/c" /tmp/wine/wine  "c:\Program Files/Winamp/winamp.exe"
>Now i can do wineserver -k without killing winamp :).

Good ideas!  I'll probably do something like that.

>So far Mozilla runs really great; Winamp has some issues but sound
plays well.

Bugzilla shows four open bugs against winamp:
729  3245  4373  4825
Do you have some new ones to file?
- Dan

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