Raphael fenix at club-internet.fr
Wed Mar 15 18:21:38 CST 2006

Sorry for my late response
but i haven't much time now

> I'm not familiar at all with wine, so I'm not sure how we should fix this
> (but it seems this would fix a lot of opengl related problems)
> When we first call X11DRV_setup_opengl_visual, I guess it's using the first
> visual ID. 

No it's use the "best visual" who match asked capacities 

> But later, when we create a pixelformat descriptor, maybe we 
> should select a better visual (one equal or similar to the description
> given in pixelformat), so when we later call wlgMakeCurrent, both visuals
> will be the same

No your problem don't seems to be here.
can you send you glxinfo output. I presume you don't have glx1.3  support
In this case wine don't be able to get a fb config compatible with wine window 
(one day we'll fix the wine init ...)

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