My two cents about winetools and the suggestions I read in Issue 308

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Mar 15 19:48:06 CST 2006

Philip V. Neves wrote:

> Something that interfaces with the AppDB would be good. It would make 
> things easier. I think, given the complaints given by the developers are 
> also valid but so are the complaints made by the people trying to use 
> the program and even the testers.  Most other projects don't need such 
> tools but this one does given what its trying to accomplish and the 
> complexity of whats being accomplished.  Besides even windows XP has a 
> roll back feature now to fix problems. Why doesn't wine considering its 
> attempting a bug for bug compatibility with windows. This would be a 
> wise thing to implement just for sanities sake.

IMO, the best thing for Wine would be to have a simple front end with a 
list of freely downloadable applications that work "out of the box" with 
no configuration changes.

Click -> Download application -> Install -> Run

This would make it easy to for users to get applications working, find 
and report regressions, and fully test Wine, and would fully support 
developers in our quest to build a fully free environment for running 
Windows applications.


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