opengl32: make the old code before the "sync the dibsection to its pixmap" patch be selectable at runtime

Leon Freitag leon_fraitak at
Thu Mar 16 02:27:42 CST 2006

> I don't see any other way to speed this up the way it's being synced now, 
> question is however, whether the apps really _should_ modify the bitmap on 
> windows too (don't know whether they would try to draw controls onto the 
> window and then it would be overdrawn by the opengl image; application like 
> Steam are trying to achieve similar, but they seemed to work well before)

> Does this very rough&ready patch work any better?

I'm getting undefined references to `___tls_get_addr' when trying to build 
with this patch. However my ld has this symbol for sure...
$ nm /lib/ | grep __tls_get_addr
0000dfc0 T ___tls_get_addr
0000d9d0 T __tls_get_addr
0000dfc0 t ___tls_get_addr_internal

> If this patch improves performance I'll fix it to use Win32 TLS instead
> of ELF TLS, it'll be interesting to see if that changes makes a
> difference too.

perhaps it will compile on my machine then...

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