WINEFILE: Eliminate use of windowsx.h

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Mar 17 18:26:42 CST 2006

Martin Fuchs wrote:

> "Eliminating" windowsx.h sounds like you consider this header file a bad thing.
> I don't think so - it provides a bunch of very usefull type safe macro definitions.
> (SelectFont, ListBox_SetSel, Button_SetCheck, ...)
> I understand you want to eliminate some useless warnings printed by
> newer GCC versions. Wouldn't it be better to correct the wrong warnings
> of GCC instead?

Please see my previous email for a discussion of the problem:

Despite containing some useful macros, those macros are somewhat broken 
as they are ignorant of UNICODE, so cannot be "fixed" by simple 
conversion to inline functions.


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