PATCH: GetDevCaps() bitdepth flag

Willie Sippel willie at
Fri Mar 17 22:12:18 CST 2006

Am Freitag, 17. März 2006 20:12 schrieb pagefault:
> Hi there, I work on ZSNES and I was trying to get it working under
> wine and I ran into a small bug when running under a 32 bit desktop.
> This fixed a bug in the DeviceGetCaps() function used to return the
> current bitdepth of the desktop. It is my understanding that X11
> returns "24" as the bitdepth while running a 32 bit framebuffer. I
> have seen in the code where it does change the 24 to 32, but I have
> discovered a spot where this has been missed.
> The following is the changes I made, it simply returns 32 if the user
> has a 24 bit desktop.
With your patch applied, two applications I tested (Newtek Aura and Bauhaus/ 
TVPaint Mirage) show an odd bug. Only the window background gets drawn, but 
all the widgets are missing, or, more precisely, invisible. Both applications 
use their own toolkit - Mirage is infact Aura's successor, so their drawing 
code should be very similar. But Aura's used to work, while Mirage's always 
produced borked results - painting stuff blue and distorted instead of gray.

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