PATCH: GetDevCaps() bitdepth flag

Willie Sippel willie at
Sat Mar 18 09:46:54 CST 2006

Am Samstag, 18. März 2006 06:53 schrieb pagefault:
> Ok, this is rather odd. Do those apps work properly when the patch is
> not applied? Also do you know if these apps are using DirectDraw?
Like I said, Aura used to work. Mirage used to have drawing errors, but 
completely different from the errors introduced by your patch. 
A demo of Mirage is available at:

And Aura at:

Both applications are able to use DDraw for the canvas AFAIK, but DDraw is not 
used for the GUI.

I'll check your updated patch and report again later.

Willie Sippel

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