PATCH: GetDevCaps() bitdepth flag

pagefault pagefault at
Sat Mar 18 20:08:05 CST 2006

Thanks for the link, i'll get those installed to try to find out why
it is expecing a 24-bit value. Perhaps it is designed to work on a
video card that supports 24-bit, I know a lot of modern hardware don't
really support true 24-bit mode, but this app probably would support

On 3/18/06, Willie Sippel <willie at> wrote:
> Am Samstag, 18. März 2006 07:59 schrieb pagefault:
> > Updated again, this should be the final patch. Sorry for spamming. :)
> >
> This patch actually made it somewhat worse. Mirage shows the same bug as with
> your previous patch, only draws the backgound but no widgets. The background,
> however, is grey (which is correct), not blue as it used to be without your
> patch. Aura shows the missing widgets bug like before, but the background is
> transparent instead of light grey with your new patch applied.
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