Easy applications to write automated tests for?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Mar 19 01:34:58 CST 2006

I noticed a probable regression in an app (kid pix 3) tonight.
Which got me thinking: what are the easiest set of
application regression tests we could throw together
that go further than just verifying the installer runs?

I'm thinking not just of things that could be automated
with cxtest, but also stuff that might not fit into
that framework.

In the case of Kid Pix 3, a test that simply started
the app, waited ten seconds, and made sure an
error dialog didn't pop up would have detected
the problem.  ('Course, only a few people would
be able to run that, as Kid Pix 3 is not a free download.)
cxtest should be able to handle that.

A bit more complex would be to launch
WinZip, have it compress one file, and make sure
the compressed file was as expected.
It shouldn't be too hard to make cxtest handle that.

And then on the somewhat ambitious end,
now that Sun's JVM basically installs and
runs trivial programs, we could run through
the Java regression test suite at
Heck, I might give that a shot myself.
There's probably no reason to try to shove
that into cxtest, is there?  Or would it fit?

And beyond the looking glass, one could
imagine running the OpenOffice 2.0 automated
test suite.  (That's unlikely to work well at the moment,
given that OpenOffice 2.0's open dialog locks up
reliably.)  That would probably flush out a few problems.
- Dan

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