WINEFILE: Eliminate use of windowsx.h

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Mar 19 08:05:20 CST 2006

Robert Shearman wrote:

>> Using the following example:
>> #define ComboBox_AddString(hwndCtl, lpsz) \
>>         ((int)SendMessage((hwndCtl), CB_ADDSTRING, 0L, 
>> (LPARAM)(LPCTSTR)(lpsz)))
>> In Wine source, UNICODE is not defined.  So should the above be using 
>> SendMessageW/LPCWSTR or SendMessageA/LPCSTR?
> Either "void *" as I mentioned above or only the LPARAM cast for Wine 
> source files, and LPCTSTR still for Winelib.

You seem to miss the point about SendMessage.  A or W?  You have to 
choose, and you don't know what is appropriate.


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