Prevent the use of windowsx.h with Wine source.

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Mar 19 08:16:22 CST 2006

Robert Shearman wrote:

> We're trying to work around GCC warnings that probably aren't generated 
 > using any other compiler so using non-portable C
 > constructs is perfectly fine. Here is Francois' solution again:

I understand Francois's solution, as I mentioned that the gcc guys 
proposed it in the first place.  Sorry, but I don't think using 
non-portable C constructs to solve a warning is a good solution.  Why 
layer on complexity when there's a simple solution?

> It seemed to be ignored by both you and Alexandre last time it was sent, 
> and all of your patches applied anyway despite objections from several 
> developers.

If you don't like it, show me your patches to fix the problem.


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