Function counting script

Segin segin2005 at
Sun Mar 19 13:38:47 CST 2006

That's ok, I failed to document that myself. In truth, it would 
truthfully be inpossible to find run-time memory leaks like that using a 
script because of a potential unknown variable in a for loop which is 
derived from an argument or return from another function.

I will try to add code for detecting contant for loops at one point.

Also, the script is designed to be edited and whatever function you want 
to look for inserted into the code.

Joris Huizer wrote:

> Segin wrote:
>> It's not a C interpeter, it's literally a frint end of sorts to grep. 
>> There's only one textual occurence of malloc() in the code, so it 
>> only returns one.
>> Think before you speak.
>> P.S. I'll add a C interpeter when there becomes a need for one.
> It was my impression that the goal was to find leaks by counting 
> allocating and freeing of memory;
> My example was about that: the counts do not have to indicate correct 
> usage of malloc()/free()
> Sorry if this was an incorrect assumption
> regards,
> Joris

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