patch opengl.c, wgl.c

Leon Freitag leon_fraitak at
Sun Mar 19 09:50:57 CST 2006

> This is not a patch but rather partial reversal of the patch that caused
> this regression.
It's not a complete reversal though. That doesn't imply that it's not a fix. 
Perhaps the original patch had a bug in it.

> -    GLXDrawable drawable;
> -    enum x11drv_escape_codes escape = X11DRV_GET_GLX_DRAWABLE;
> +    Drawable drawable;
> +    enum x11drv_escape_codes escape = X11DRV_GET_DRAWABLE;

This part seems to be very interesting.

> It works for all my opengl applications, including GoogleEarth, World of 
> Warcraft (wow -opengl), Warcraft III, 3DEditor, Iconoclast, Glview
> & Moray 3.5.  Tested on latest CVS with Nvidia 
> 6800 graphics card on my 64 bit  OS, Fedora Core 4_64, AMD64. 

That's more than an argument. Yet there's no application that has been broken 
with it.

> +  if (ppfd->>dwFlags & PFD_DRAW_TO_BITMAP) {
> +    ERR("Flag not supported !\n");
> +    /* Should SetError here... */
> +    return 0;
> +  }

Well Wine should report ERRs instead of crashing with an Xlib error, shouldn't 
OK, if you don't like these five lines so much, does the patch work without 

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