OLEAUT32: bug 4502 - request for comment before trying to fix

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Mar 19 16:07:20 CST 2006

Alex wrote:
>It seems that I will have to wait until I code
>enough of a test case for a *successful* ITypeInfo::Invoke() (there are
>two tests of failing calls, but none of a successful one)

I'm a complete COM newbie, but I've been reading "The Essence of COM"
lately for entertainment; it almost describes that call.  (FWIW, the
example code
for the book is at http://www.rollthunder.com/Books/OldBooksFrame.htm.)

I went poking around online looking for examples of that call in C,
and only found two  :-(

I also found a muddled discussion here:

Good luck writing that test case!
- Dan

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