function counting script,

Segin segin2005 at
Sun Mar 19 18:43:46 CST 2006

Attached is version 0.2 of this script, with a lot of additional 
functionality. You will need to be able to write to /tmp and make a file 
/tmp/grep to use the extended functionality (default functionality needs 
none of that, and is unmodified.)

For those that are intested, you can fetch from my project 
CVS tree:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at login
(when propted for a password, simply push enter)
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at co 
You'll find the script in the CVS checkout. Could someone 
tell me how to checkout just a single CVS file?

Anyways, there's the docs, which you should read (failure to do so will 
get a reply of RTFM):

----------------------------------8<--------------------------------- version 0.2 documentation

To change the functions searched for, edit the file's top line. make 
sure all functions are space seperated and in quotes, to search for 
recv() and send() make sure that top line looks like this:
FUNCTIONS="recv send";

Three are 2 command line arguments supported, they must be the only 
argument and verbatim to work, yada yada.

 -l     List the line number with a code sample
 -C    Like above, but with context.

You need write access to /tmp to create, read, write and destroy files.

Your grep implementation needs to be GNU grep or you need to edit the 
script. Most systems have given up using their own grep for GNU grep 
cause GNU grep kicks ass.


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