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Mike McCormack mike at
Tue Mar 21 00:35:33 CST 2006

Segin wrote:

> aRts in and of itself is a b/uggy ha/ck, KDE is droipping it in the 4.0 
> release, Skype crashes if you use artsdsp with it and play sound, arts 
> is also known to just segfault for no reason whatsoever. Best suggestion 
> is to drop support for aRts entirely, it won't be around much longer.

aRts is not the only library giving trouble here. Here's one caused by ALSA:

Getting rid of aRts may cripple Wine on older systems, and it won't 
solve the problem.  We can't rely on all 3rd party sound libs to be bug 
free, especially since there's a lot of dodgy homebrew systems out there 
built by people who *think* they know what they're doing...

Allowing users to use the Audio tab in WineCfg without forcing possibly 
buggy libraries to load is a better option.


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