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Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Tue Mar 21 01:35:34 CST 2006

On 3/20/06, Mike McCormack <mike at> wrote:
> Dimi Paun wrote:
> > On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 22:28 -0600, Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin
> > Navea) wrote:
> >
> >>clicking on the audio tab to check out bug 4051 first? Please!
> >
> >
> > How about we fix the problem instead? :)
> The best way to fix it is probably to rearrange the code so that the
> Audio tab shows, then there's a [Detect] button that the user can click
> to run the autodetect code that might crash.  At least then the user can
> set their Wine Audio settings manually.
> Mike

This is not enough, as when I click the audio tab, it will lock up in
the kernel.  I already identified where it happens and patch the
kernel myself.  I told the ALSA devs, but they haven't looked at why
certain register usage causes a lockup.  So it remains in the stable
kernel who knows who else hits it.


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