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Tue Mar 21 12:09:00 CST 2006

Tom Spear wrote:
> On 3/21/06, *Vitaliy Margolen* <wine-devel at 
> <mailto:wine-devel at>> wrote:
>     I sure hope all users will go look at this page first. But some how I
>     don't think they will. When we getting _exact_ duplicates with the same
>     summary and almost identical comments. I don't think users will
>     bother to
>     look anywhere else.
>     But that will add extra work on our side to keep this list in synch. On
>     top of the usual stuff that we already do.
>     Vitaliy.
> It wouldnt take much extra time outta my day to do it.  5 mins at max 
> and only once I notice something is being reported rather frequently.  I 
> assume that these people who are reporting identical duplicates read 
> some of the dodcumentation though, because otherwise they probably 
> wouldn't have even known about winecfg.
> Tom
One Major advantage is that even if people keep on reporting duplicates
then it will make it easier for those people doing QA in Bugzilla. If
they have a place to go when they think a bug is a duplicate instead of
having to search for or remember the bug numbers[1].

Keeping them around for a while even after they are fixed would be a
good idea since not everyone keeps up with the latest version of wine.

[1] (SafeDisk) (dsound: problem with
underrun detection) (mouse always recenterd)


Tony Lambregts

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