WaitForMultipleObjectsEx will not take up to MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Mar 21 14:31:19 CST 2006

Bryan Mayland wrote:
> dlls/kernel/sync.c:173:
> 176     if (count >= MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS)
> 177     {
> 178         SetLastError(ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER);
> 179         return WAIT_FAILED;
> Windows supports up to and including that number, wine only supports up
> to that number.

Congratulations, sounds like you found a bug in Wine!

> Since the rest of the code actually does support the
> full 64 wait objects, is there any reason this should not be changed to
> 176     if (count > MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS)

Looks like it should be changed.

You've helped greatly with your post.
You could help even more by posting a patch
that modifies dlls/kernel/tests/sync.c to incorporate your test
and also fixes the error.   Feel up to it?  Just yell if you
need help.

- Dan

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