What happened to the Fedora packages?

Michel Ludwig miclud at studcs.uni-sb.de
Wed Mar 22 04:01:23 CST 2006

On Wed 22 Mar 2006 03:55, Neal Gompa wrote:
> What happened to the Fedora packages? They have not been updated since
> 0.9.2!!!! Right now it is at 0.9.10!!! Nearly every other Linux distro
> supported has the up to date packages!!! And why does the Red Hat packages
> site not go to the SourceForge site as it does for SUSE packages and the
> others?? I have not really had the guts to ask until now, because I thought
> that maybe there was a slump, but now, its getting annoying!! And Fedora
> just released Fedora Core 5 yesterday!!! Please tell me new packages will
> be ready soon!!! Compiling WINE always crashes my computer, so I prefer to
> use the RPMs...

Nice and decent Fedora Wine packages are in Fedora Extras:



And even a "yum install wine" should do it (as root of course :-)).

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