What happened to the Fedora packages?

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 09:18:20 CST 2006

Neal Gompa wrote:

> What happened to the Fedora packages? They have not been updated since 
> 0.9.2!!!! Right now it is at 0.9.10!!! Nearly every other Linux distro 
> supported has the up to date packages!!! And why does the Red Hat 
> packages site not go to the SourceForge site as it does for SUSE 
> packages and the others?? I have not really had the guts to ask until 
> now, because I thought that maybe there was a slump, but now, its 
> getting annoying!! And Fedora just released Fedora Core 5 yesterday!!! 
> Please tell me new packages will be ready soon!!! Compiling WINE 
> always crashes my computer, so I prefer to use the RPMs...
Is your computer also a Pentium 166MHz with 32MB of RAM? ...

No, wait, even THAT can compile wine. Wine wasn't rated for 16MB 
systems, sorry. </sarcasam>

Or in English: You need more RAM. When you run out of RAM, almost all 
UNIXes and clones have a kernel panic. Linux does either that, or it 
starts randomly killing off proccesses (your window manager, X, init, 
and so on) depending on it config at compile time.
Please make sure you have enough swap, you have plenty of RAM (512MB or 
more), all of your toolkit conponets (gcc, binutils, etc.) are up to 
date, and that you don't have faulty hardware.

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