Dev-C++ dogfooding

Segin segin2005 at
Wed Mar 22 16:27:20 CST 2006

So far, everything works, except when you try to install a package that 
already is installed (of  any version, so this also breaks upgrades via 
the package manager)

Package manager starts up, presents you with a disloag (like aother 
package install) but when it goes to copy files, it open a dialog box 
with the error "Cannot Open AVI" with buttons which are clipped off (the 
window is a bit too small, push the farthest to the left to makei t 
resize and such.)

It should be noted that a manual upgrade can be done by untarring the 
DevPak (it's a .tar.bz2) and copying the files manually, if the 
directory names aren't mangled.

For some odd reason some files won't compile, yet others do, i can't 
explain it. Must be a MingW bug.

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