GetExitCodeProcess always returns 1

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Mar 23 00:59:50 CST 2006

Igor Sysoev wrote:

> 3 years ago I reported that on FreeBSD Wine-20030508's
> GetExitCodeProcess() always returns 1:
> This report included a small test case.
> It was fixed by patch:
> and I used the patched Wine-20030508 to run MSVC,
> OpenWatcom C, and Borland C in a command line.
> Recenty I build Wine-0.9.10 from ports on FreeBSD 6.1, but
> GetExitCodeProcess() still always returns 1.

If you turn your test case into a Wine regression test, and add it to 
dlls/kernel/tests/process.c, then it won't be broken on Linux, and 
therefore there's a better chance it won't break on FreeBSD.

It's also up to FreeBSD users to make sure Wine doesn't break on FreeBSD 
by making the test cases pass and testing them regularly to find 


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