IDE with Winemaker

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Mar 23 08:26:52 CST 2006

> Hi, I am a Windows Developer who is new to the Linux world. Is there any
> IDE (like Visio Studio) I can use with Winemaker? I am trying to port a
> Windows App to Linux Fedora.
I managed to use wineg++ with kdevelop by overriding the compiler. It worked 
quite well for my needs(code a ddraw test app), but I don't know if it works 
for bigger apps. Just set a CC="winegcc", CXX="wineg++" and 
LINK="winegcc" (??) environment variable in the projekt options.

There isn't any IDE which offers an editor for the resource files, so you have 
to edit them by hand.
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