Keyboard fix - patch available

penna at penna at
Thu Mar 23 08:16:41 CST 2006

Hi all,

        Sorry for bothering you guys ..... but ....
        I saw a patch for bug #2400 (a very old bug) at
        Looking at the comments at the bugzilla tracking, the patch worked 
flawlessly for lots of keyboard types (croatian, german and russian), 
including mine: a brazilian abnt2 keyboard.
        The patch looks fine and very clean. The problem mentioned with 
remote X-windows access seems not to occur besides someone mention it. 
Anyway, at least the problem is gone with local access and, *if 
confirmed*, remains with remote access only.
        Maybe, just maybe, the patch could be applied for the next version 
of wine (0.9.11) ....  ;-)

Thank you very much for the very good piece of work: WINE (I use it since 
Ulisses de Sousa Penna
Analista Consultor - Banco do Brasil
Fone: +55-61-3310-6320   Fax: +55-61-3310-6435
P.S.: I am not subscribed at wine-devel list (just wine-users list)

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