CreateScalableFontResourceA: what does it mean?

Hiji hijinio at
Fri Mar 24 01:44:46 CST 2006

There is this program, Cakewalk Sonar XL 2
that I always try to run on Wine.  The good news is, I
can get it running, not smoothly, but it does run. 
However, it tries to utilize one of its own fonts, and
always stubs on CreateScalableFontResourceA.

It hits this:

Then the app tells me the following in a popup:
"Cannot create the Staff view musical symbol font."

Anybody know what this means or have any workaround
for making CreateScalableFontResourceA work?  I've
seen this problem since Dec. 2004, but since it hasn't
gone away, I thought I'd pipe up and ask about it.

Thanks in advance!

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