Winetools -> wine doors

Dr J A Gow J.A.Gow at
Fri Mar 24 13:00:39 CST 2006

> I've looked through the winetools code and it is a clusterf*ck of
> nonsense. It appears to be in the final stages of code rot, however

This "clusterf*ck of nonsense" helped me to get a microcontroller
development suite running under Wine, which otherwise would not install
natively. After over ten years designing and developing embedded systems,
there is one thing that stands out. Code that is 'nonsense' does not work
at all. Code that works may not be elegant, it may not be pretty and
you may hate the style, but it _works_ and therefore it is not nonsense.
This code works, is useful and serves a purpose. Just because you don't
like the way it is written does not make it nonsense. Language, please!


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