Winetools -> wine doors

Dr J A Gow J.A.Gow at
Sat Mar 25 08:59:03 CST 2006

Karl Lattimer wrote:

> Fair point that it has been useful to you, it has been useful to me
> also. Here's what I see.
>  * An over complicated bash script, with way too many difficult to
> maintain parts
>  * An inflexible application, which can only have new applications added
> to it by the maintainer
>  * A terrible confusing GUI
> My choice of words was strong I admit, but I think this application is
> ready to go to silicone heaven. 

Your points are quite true. I was only really pointing out that something
that enables individuals to Get Work Done Quickly (however bad the tool
might be technically) is of considerable value. That, of course, does not
mean that the tool shouldn't be replaced when it starts to suffer from
'bit-rot'. But let's not completely can it until a viable replacement is
available otherwise we could undermine the perceived 'usefulness' of Wine
when it comes to a necessary rush-job.

I should add I don't use Winetools as a matter of course - I used it once
to get me out of a hole, and it did!

> What I am proposing and indeed working on is;
>  * An appdb integrated application manager
>  * A clean UI which fits with gnome HIG
>  * A flexible, expandable, small and simple application which is easily
> maintained but can do everything winetools does.

This sounds like an excellent idea.

> Maybe nostalgia will keep some people using winetools, or trying to fix
> something which is broken. Or maybe a couple people could lend a hand
> with this and we could have something better ;)
> K,

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