Speed demon: Mozilla 1.7.12 and Wine.

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 16:53:41 CST 2006

This is possibly the best news the Wine development team has recieved 
since getting Solitare to run on Wine in 1994: Wine and Mozilla are 
*faster* than IE on native Windows, on the same harware.

I am not joking you.

I used to have a Windows partition until it was corrupted recently, and 
my "personalized" Google homepage comes up in 2.31 seconds in IE. Note 
that Windows is running native (not a VM).

Mozilla 1.7.12 in Wine pulls up the same page in under a second.

I will continue to test. The only thing that is missing is Java support, 
and most of us can live without that. It's nice to know that we are 
mopping the floor with the World's Worst Webbrowser.

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