Winetools -> wine doors

Karl Lattimer karl at
Sat Mar 25 12:32:42 CST 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 14:02 -0500, Segin wrote:
> Also note that most of Winetools prior usefullness was killed when we 
> killed ~/.wine/config

Now we rely on winereg? is that correct (I should know this ;)

I've been making some steady progress today, managed to get CD auto
detection working (from some freevo code) and I've added basic SAX
parsing for package lists. I hope I can get a base shell working soon. 

I would love it if people would get involved, a few good coders can have
SVN/trac access I'll work on opening up to the public soon.

pygtk/pyxml/wine hackers/shell scripters very welcome.

Some clarification i need is on how wine executes applications.

AFAIK this is how it works.

wine runs the wineserver and wine-pthread and when the application exits
cleanly wineserver goes too, otherwise winedbg starts. I have code
waiting for wine exit (similar to winetools) which currently works but
I'd like to make sure i'm on the right track ;)

I'd also like to know what is the best way to kill a wine process and
when it should be killed (currently I'm waiting indefinitely for wine to
exit, then waiting 5 minutes on the wineserver).

When is the best time to use wineboot? What purpose does it serve, what
can it break.


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