Regression in wine made 2006/03/23

Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon Mar 27 00:46:49 CST 2006

  I would like to report a regression made by commits issued 2006/03/23 at the
evening. Just now I don't have bisecting environment available, I've just made
a simple CVS regression testing and found the above commit (it modifies
multiple areas) guilty.
  The problem is that DC++ gui is totally screwed up now. It tries to render,
but mostly unsuccessfully, it's full of garbage and doesn't display, what it
should. It doesn't update when necessary. DC++ is simply unusable now.
  I should leave my testing machine now. I can try to pinpoint a particular
patch responsible for this regression later in the evening today, or tomorrow.
  If anybody has an idea, what change could cause this, please let me know,
it will be more easy for me.
                    With regards, Pavel Troller

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