FPU context in signal handlers

Petr Tesarik hat at tesarici.cz
Mon Mar 27 02:58:41 CST 2006


I've just submitted a patch that handles the FPU state in signal
handlers.  However, the FPU_sig() macro is only defined for Linux, so
other architectures won't benefit from that patch.

I doubt that i387 FPU state is left untouched by the kernel on other
architectures, but I have no access to any such box (*BSD, BSDI, SCO,
Apple), I cannot investigate into that, and the FPU handling is most
likely broken on those architectures.  This has become more serious
now that winedbg tries to fetch (and restore!) the FPU state on the
i386 architecture.

I guess that architectures with (context)->uc_mcontext also define
(context)->uc_mcontext.fpregs (SCO), but since I can't test it, I
won't send such a patch to wine-patches.

Is there anything I might do about it?  Anybody wants to help?


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