I have a complaint about the website

Philip V. Neves pneves at telus.net
Mon Mar 27 11:50:09 CST 2006

On the website there is an article that talks about homogenious 
populations being a threat to society and to the computer industry. 
Although I accept the fact that this is mostly true I believe that is a 
good argument for creating the Linux OS and other OS's not for creating 
wine. With the wine project you are bringing the homogenious population 
to the Linux community. So theoretically a virus could spread just as 
easily through a wine system as well as a Windows system. That virus 
could spread even if the security in Linux is in place. The wine 
installation could be affected and we have to reinstall the wine directory.

I'd appreciate it if you guys would take that out of the website. I feel 
it hurts the credibility of your project by having it there.  The fact 
is if a company has a wine installation they could have a large number 
of appications that could be affected by a virus. Wine running on a 
different system won't fix that. Although the security system in Linux 
could provide some security against accessing more vital parts of the 
system, the wine installation is still vulnerable due to the fact its 
implementing windows system calls.

I have infact found viruses with Clam after installing wine.  So I don't 
feel that this statement is true.

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