I have a complaint about the website

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 14:40:44 CST 2006

Philip V. Neves wrote:

> On the website there is an article that talks about homogenious 
> populations being a threat to society and to the computer industry. 
> Although I accept the fact that this is mostly true I believe that is 
> a good argument for creating the Linux OS and other OS's not for 
> creating wine. With the wine project you are bringing the homogenious 
> population to the Linux community. So theoretically a virus could 
> spread just as easily through a wine system as well as a Windows 
> system. That virus could spread even if the security in Linux is in 
> place. The wine installation could be affected and we have to 
> reinstall the wine directory.
> I'd appreciate it if you guys would take that out of the website. I 
> feel it hurts the credibility of your project by having it there.  The 
> fact is if a company has a wine installation they could have a large 
> number of appications that could be affected by a virus. Wine running 
> on a different system won't fix that. Although the security system in 
> Linux could provide some security against accessing more vital parts 
> of the system, the wine installation is still vulnerable due to the 
> fact its implementing windows system calls.
> I have infact found viruses with Clam after installing wine.  So I 
> don't feel that this statement is true.
Due to the current state of Wine, plus it's archjitechure, Even if a 
virus was found, it is much easier to remove.

If the virus is a memory-resident kind, you can do pkill -9 wine as root 
or your user and shut down ile essentially killing said virus.

A lot of viruses, in order to keep small, attempt to make fnction calls 
based on a DLL function absolute address. This has a 1 in 256 million 
cnahce in working, because each time you recodmile wine, the function 
entry points change. all that aill result in is a segmentation fault.

sorry for my bad english i am not feeling well and it is affecting my 
corrdination, i can't walk right or type correctly. i can barely see the 
monitor, it's that bad.

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