Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all.

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 14:21:01 CST 2006

Kai Blin wrote:

>* Segin <segin2005 at gmail.com> [27/03/06, 21:32:29]:
>>There is one reason, inarguable (if you reply to this you have a IQ of 
>>0) as to why WineTools is useless: Most of the WineTools 'magic' is in 
>>it's ~/.wine/config file, which Wine no longer uses/acknoleges, thefore, 
>>WineTools is utterly useless and has no point in existing AT ALL, PERIOD.
>So, I seem to have an IQ of 0, but still I at least seem to be able to
>use a mail client. Seems like these things really are easy to use these
Erm, no, you have a typing monkey using the mail client for you :-P

>I haven't used winetools in a long while, but back when I did, I could
>use it to run programs I couldn't run on plain wine myself. If I'm
>running an older system, I can still use that exact version of wine a
>winetools, and that program is still running. Could you explain on how
>that gives it "no point in existing AT ALL, PERIOD"?
How? The biggest thing that makes WineTools work is it's ability to set 
DLLOverrides via a config file that Wine no longer acknoleges, therfore 
that is gone, and only a few things will work via WineTools, if at all. 
You can't install IE with WineTools (You can with IEs4Linux, and if you 
are good enough, you can merge the ies4linux wine setup into the main 
one without fubaring it. I did. I wouldn't suggest that regular user do 
this, though.) I digress, and let you know that the programs installable 
via it's 'database' are outdated, and some have broken URLs!

>Could I assume that the 2.4 Linux Kernel I'm running on my router
>doesn't have any point of existing, either, just because it's outdated?
LOLFAIL. 2.4 is no more "older" than 2.6 in reflect that is it still in 
active development, and the developers will respond to commentary about 
it. The same cannot be said about winetools.

>Sheesh, if people spent as much time fixing winetools (or wine, for that
>matter) as they did writing emails about why winetools is bad, this
>discussion would be utterly useless and without a point AT ALL, PERIOD.
Hey!! That's my line!


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