Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all.

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 14:28:59 CST 2006

Karl Lattimer wrote:

>> Am Mo, M�r 27, 2006 at 09:32:29 -0500 schrieb Segin:
>>> There is one reason, inarguable (if you reply to this you have a IQ of
>>> 0) as to why WineTools is useless: Most of the WineTools 'magic' is in
>>> it's ~/.wine/config file, which Wine no longer uses/acknoleges, 
>>> thefore,
>>> WineTools is utterly useless and has no point in existing AT ALL, 
> IMHO winetools has a still useful feature, and that is it allows users 
> to easily create an initial wine drive, configure and install some 
> applications and otherwise assist in new wine users to get to grips 
> with wine in an easy and I use this term loosely 'user friendly' way.
> The problem is that wine tools hasn't adhered to any usability guides 
> and doesn't provide a community orientated feedback, or use the 
> community to gain information about applications. The design of 
> winetools was created initially by frank of frankscorner but he isn't 
> a UI programmer, just an every day hacker. The fact that the whole 
> application is written in bash using Xdialog is a bad start, the code 
> scared me, 3000+ lines of bash.
> I'm aiming to change this, I welcome any help especially in python. 
> The main aim of the project I am working on with a couple of new found 
> friends, is to improve accessibility of wine to new linux users to 
> help get people switch from windows to linux. This aim is shared among 
> the wine developers and users I believe.
> And also, accusing people of having an IQ of 0 for replying to a flame 
> isn't in the slightest constructive, and I would rebut that you are in 
> fact the one of lower than average intellect as it requires a certain 
> type of stupidity to insult your peers in general terms.
> K,
> PS, a little about the projects I have worked on before, I wrote 
> gnome-settings-visualeffects a while back, and got too many flames and 
> crank emails too many eye candy enthusiasts asking dumb questions so 
> eventually i scrapped it. I also worked on the new freevo webserver2 
> code which was displayed this year at CeBIT. I work on human 
> interfaces every day and I'm looking to bring some gnome HIG zen to 
> winetools, oh and a snappy new name... wine doors ;) (say it quickly 
> three times)

Python!!?! i almost did a C | N > K (that would be cola, pepsi rather, 
through nose to keyboard)

ok ok ok ok although i almos-t ruined a perfectly free and good 
keyboard, i don't like python cause i don't know it, and the learning 
curve has been... dreadful.

Can't we do this in C?

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