Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all.

Tom Williams tomdkat at comcast.net
Tue Mar 28 23:19:28 CST 2006

Tom Spear wrote:
> Java, anyone? lol oh wait wait I got one better.. Fortran... or no,
> how about................... COBOL!!  LMFAO  gimme a break..
> Seriously though, why not break winedoors up into different
> components, and then have different submaintainers, and each component
> can be written in the language that that submaintainer is most
> comfortable with?  Obviously each piece of code would go thru the
> project maintainer, and so if someone started writing another "door"
> in bash, then that door could quickly be closed (pun intended).
> As for the GUI, make it C or C++, only because that is the most widely
> used language in linux..
What about perl?  I'm not a perl programmer or anything but wouldn't
that be as prevalent in a Linux environment as C or C++?  I believe GTK+
could be used for the UI and I don't know if QT could also be used or not.

I'm sitting back and watching this discussion and I just wanted to
mention perl for you guys to consider.   :)

I'll shut up now.  :)



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