Alexandre Julliard : x11drv: Moved desktop mode handling to the explorer process.

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Wed Mar 29 04:38:04 CST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 29. März 2006 11:39 schrieb Mike McCormack:
> Willie Sippel wrote:
> > You announced working on the unmanaged window problem in September 2001
> > IIRC, but I guess you didn't so far? Wouldn't, for the time being, a
> > Cedega-like approach be feasible? They seem to ignore 'chromeless'
> > windows and handle them just like regular windows (with window decoration
> > and all, for Steam for example) - this is obviously not correct, but it
> > would at least work 'till someone comes up with a real fix...?
> Wouldn't be much motivation for somebody to come up with a real fix if
> there was already a half-baked fix in Wine already, would there?
Probably true. But Wine has several problems where a 'real' fix is so very 
complicated that we won't see something anytime soon, probably for years to 
come (like the DIB engine, planned for years, but nobody seems to even work 
on it). In the recent two years, Wine became unusable for many users - I even 
know some guys that switched back to Windows because of 'fixes' to Wine that 
render lots of application unusable, due to regressions expected when those 
fixes were commited. Those 'fixes' should never make it into CVS if there's 
not even a realistic timeframe for fixing the regressions. 

The WM-rewrite/ broken windowed-OpenGL support is a perfect example, rendering 
many applications unusable - stuff that used to work in the past. There are 
probably 'easy' ways to hack around the problem (making the old window 
handling an option, or maybe create a hybrid that uses extra X11-windows for 
OpenGL viewports only), but the proposed 'correct' approaches will most 
likely take a few years and/ or kill the performance, if they are even 
feasible (GLX extension - completely worthless without ATI/ Nvidia 

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