OT: General behaviour of the community (from 'Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all')

Chris Morgan cmorgan at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Mar 29 21:01:48 CST 2006

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 7:31 pm, Hiji wrote:
> > How do you propose we prevent people from emailing people that post to
> > wine-devel?  How do we choose who gets to email people directly and
> > who doesn't?  How do we filter the contents of their email?
> I want to chime in and say that I'm with Tom and the ole Doc here.  I don't
> think there's any way to filter somebody's contents, but I think it's
> important for the community to speak up when somebody is out of line.

Perhaps you didn't actually read the emails that were sent.  This might 
explain the discrepancy between your comment about "thinking its important 
for the community to speak up when somebody is out of line" and this email 
from Tom, the one I was replying to:

> From:
> "Tom Spear" <speeddymon at gmail.com>
>   To:
> "Wine Developers List" <wine-devel at winehq.com>
>   Date:
> Today 5:12:33 pm
>Totally agreed.  Segin
> needs to be not just kick/banned from the list, he needs to be K-Lined, if
> not G-Lined from all things wine!  With respect to his comments though, on
> behalf of everyone involved with the project, and with the community as a
> whole, I sincerely apologize.

Sounds to me like this is advocating censorship.

> I know I was the first to respond to Sergin's email by asking that he be
> more constructive in his feedback, but past that, none of the regulars on
> this thread said much.  Now, his thread has spawned into something that is
> soooo far out there that it almost has no relevancy to this list.  I want
> to note that I don't see how Sergin's comments and behavior could have been
> interpreted as anything but inappropriate; however, with the majority of
> people not saying anything, I can only imagine that Sergin felt that what
> he did was perfectly okay and acceptable on this list.

What he said on the list seemed pretty reasonable to me.  Note that in the 
headers forwarded by Dr J A Gow the email from Segin appears to be directly 
from him and not to the list at all.  It isn't our place to even care what 
Segin emails to people, as long as he isn't abusing the mailing list to do 


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