OT: General behaviour of the community (from 'Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all')

Tom Spear speeddymon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 08:40:42 CST 2006

On 3/29/06, Chris Morgan <chmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:
> How do you propose we prevent people from emailing people that post to
> wine-devel?  How do we choose who gets to email people directly and
> who doesn't?  How do we filter the contents of their email?
> Segin doesn't speak for the entire community and he isn't a lead on
> the project.  If that were the case this would be a more serious
> matter.  If people quit because of him then what are we to do?  Given
> the lack of relationship between wine and Segin they might as well
> have quit wine development because of some Nigerian money transfer
> email or other spam.
> My point is that the solution isn't trying to enforce censorship where
> you simply cannot and where it doesn't impact the community.  As long
> as he doesn't abuse his list membership we have no reason to become
> involved in this issue.  You won't find me supporting any kind of
> restrictions on what he says or which mailing lists he can belong to
> at this point in time.
> Chris

Ok, but here is a point for you to chew on.  Say that I go on a business
trip for my company, and that while on this trip, I meet with some clients,
and we go out for a business dinner.  A few days later, while still out of
town, I run into those clients again, and we all decide to go to a
billiard.  While at said billiard we all start drinking.  No problems
there.  But if I continue drinking, eventually I am going to get drunk, and
need assistance getting back to my hotel room.  Mind you I am on a business
trip and with some clients, but I am not at a business meeting.  Even though
I am (at the time) not representing the company, it still looks bad for them
that an employee would do that in front of the client.  The same principle
applies here.  It looks bad on the wine project as a whole that someone who
participates in the devel list would email someone (even off list) and say
the things that were said.  Ordinarily I am against censorship myself, but I
do believe in moderation, and I believe that people should be held
accountable for their actions even if they are speaking only for themself,
if it makes other people or things look bad.

To answer your question, there isnt really a way, and I wasnt trying to say
that we should prevent him from emailing others directly, or filtering his
emails, I was saying that a lot of the things he does for the project should
be restricted.  AFAICT he has some high level permissions on bugzilla, and
the appdb.  Maybe those could (should?) be suspended temporarily, I dunno, I
will leave it up to the big wigs here to decide if he should be punished in
any way, and if so, what that punishment should be.  As I said though, it is
his opinion, and he is entitled to that opinion (at least in the US), but I
think he should have kept it to himself, or at least not used such strong
wording like "****ing dumb***"....
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