advpack: The Plan

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Fri Mar 31 03:17:21 CST 2006

James Hawkins wrote:

>Internally, there will be three main install functions: install_init,
>which will open the INF, make sure it's legit, and other
>initializations, spapi_install, which will call setupapi to install
>the base INF commands, and adv_install, which will parse the install
>section and run the provided commands.  
I'm quite sure RunPreSetupCommands gets executed before the base INF 
commands. I'm not sure wether there are others (BeginPrompt, BackupReg 
comes to mind). So you need two install functions like adv_install_pre 
and adv_install_post.

>This is The Plan so far, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions,
>I'd love to hear from you.
Why not simply use the same mechanism as in setupapi [1]? My patch [2] 
back in january was using it, and it looked like a good idea.



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