[WIDL] Implement support for unique strings

Eric Kohl eric.kohl at t-online.de
Fri Mar 31 05:42:10 CST 2006

Robert Shearman wrote:

> Counter-example with the following IDL:
>    void ConformantString2Out([in] long size, [in, out, string, 
> size_is(size)] char **pszString);
>    void Test([in] long size, [in, out, size_is(size)] char **pszArray);
> Both generate NdrPointerFree calls and I believe both are satisfied by 
> the test you introduced:

These example include arrays of strings which I have not tested yet and 
are not officially supported yet. I'll fix these later.

My focus is making the Wine-WIDL compatible with ReactOS-WIDL as quickly 
as possible. Additional features will be added or fixed later.


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