"Unhandled exception: floating point stack check" early in program?

Petr Tesarik hat at tesarici.cz
Fri Mar 31 07:02:48 CST 2006


I'm not online too often. :( So, I thought the patch for Linux must
already be in CVS. It is not.

The patch can be found here:


However, the patch only works for Linux. Please, let me know if you're
using a different platform, as it is very likely that it can be made
to work too, but I won't send patches which I can't test.

To the wine-devel list:  Why was the patch rejected, anyway?

Petr Tesarik

On 03/29/06 at 09:35:04 (-0800), Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 3/29/06, Petr Tesarik <hat at tesarici.cz> wrote:
> > No, this is not normal.  This problem was introduced on the i386
> > architecture, when floating point registers were added to winedbg.
> > Currently, there are two pending patches by me, one which fixes the
> > problem on Linux, and another which fixes it on all platforms but is
> > most likely wrong.
> >...
> > Anyway, see also my next email.
> Looking forward to it.
> Can you give me the URL of the i386 patche in the wine-patches archive?
> Thanks,
> Dan

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