new to wine, Guild Wars don't display correctly

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Mar 31 07:48:05 CST 2006


>  Yes, without displaying the mouse and it's very slow (as if you were
> playing a game with direct rendering to No). But with dri, i have 1200fps
> and with ati 1900fps for common glxgears, there is a significative
> difference.
glxgears isn't a benchmark...
If you set 
Option      "AGPMode"         "4"
Option      "EnablePageFlip"  "1"
Option      "BackingStore"    "1"
in your device section of the dri driver, then the performance should be equal 
to fglrx(~2000 fps). If you install driconf and enable HyperZ, then you 
should get another boost. Alternatively, you can create a file /etc/drirc 
with the following content:
    <device screen="0" driver="r200">
        <application name="all">
            <option name="arb_vertex_program" value="true" />
            <option name="texture_level_hack" value="true" />
            <option name="hyperz" value="true" />

The first option enables software emulated vertex shaders, but I don't know if 
they work. The secound option enables a hack which increases the maximum 
texture size by a factor of 4 (1024x1024 -> 2048x2048) if you have the dxtn 
decompression libary installed. google for libtxc_dxtn050908.tar.gz, it 
should be the first entry. Installing this library enables compressed 
textures too, which can improve the performance drastically in some games 
which support it. The "hyperz" option enables hyperz, which also increases 
the performance, especially in glxgears. With all the options enabled, I get 
about 3670 fps in glxgears(Acer travelmate 803, 1.6 Ghz pentium M, radeon 
mobility 9000, Xorg 7.0 with the dri driver).
But again, glxgears isn't a benchmark. My experience is that the open source 
driver offers equal performance since Xorg 7.0, quite often it's faster, but 
only in unreal tournament 2004 it's significantly slower(general > 40fps, but 
sometimes only 15-20 fps, which makes ut unplayable. Surprisingly, this 
doesn't depend on the settings, so I think it's a driver bug)

>  So, i have just reported them the problem and explain that it works with
> dri, so i hope they will make something to correct it....
Don't expect too much from at :( Just have a look at the linux driver forum at

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