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Fri Mar 31 15:27:17 CST 2006

Am Freitag, 31. März 2006 21:33 schrieb Tom Spear:
> Hi all, this is a call for volunteers.  I am hoping that certain developers
> participating in another thread are willing to rewrite the keyboard code,
> but we need people to test.  If you are interested, please reply here
> saying that you are interested, and what kind of keyboard you use, as well
> as the layout you use under X.  I will be creating a wiki page for this
> project once the people who will be taking on this rewrite confirm that
> they will do so, and will post the link to this thread as soon as it is
> created.
> The purpose of this rewrite is to (hopefully) fix all of the problems
> people have with key mappings, characters not showing up as expected, race
> conditions, characters not showing up at all, etc, and hopefully allow us
> to close out many of the bugs in bugzilla having to do with the keyboard.
> Thanks all in advance
> Tom

If this is about testing, I'll gladly help. I use a German SUN Type6 keyboard 
(only one control key, Compose key, SUN keys instead of Windows keys, no menu 
key) with German layout and swapcaps. I also used to use an application that 
crashes due to a regression in Wine's keyboard handling it seems - could be a 
nice test app.

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