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Am Freitag, 31. März 2006 23:38 schrieb Mike Hearn:
> > Until it crashes your box of course...
> If a Windows program has a habit of hard freezing the system then the
> user will learn not to run that program.
> As it is, right now _many_ games suffer this problem with corrupted
> audio and it's very unpleasant (loud bursts of white noise). Makes the
> games unplayable, in fact.
> I'd rather make the games playable and give developers an incentive to
> find a better privilege model than leave this to coast along for another
> few years with only a bunch of talk, ideas and non-mainline patches.
> Right now there are no good solutions for this we can implement in Wine
> itself (except maybe making wineserver suid root and drop privs), and
> SCHED_ISO isn't merged into the mainline kernel, so telling users to
> upgrade won't solve much.
I'm probably wrong, but in theory, if Wine used the Jack audio driver, and 
jackd is suid root, the sound shouldn't stutter but Wine/ a Windows app still 
couldn't hard-lock the system, as Wine would run with standard user 
privileges? If that's the case, wouldn't fixing the Jack driver and making it 
the preferred output plugin solve the issue? I mean, it's at least as 
conveniant as suggesting to run Wine as root... ;-)

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